Why Do French Bulldogs Cry So Much?

Why do French Bulldogs cry so much? This is a question many people ask themselves whenever they see a French Bulldog with something that looks like it could be a slight tear in his eye. French Bulldogs have been selectively bred over the past few centuries to have incredibly expressive faces that shine with emotion. They are fun loving pups that are very friendly and make great pets, but why do they cry so much? This blog post will answer this question in a little more detail.

Some Reasons for a French Bulldog to Cry

There are a lot of reasons why French Bulldogs cry so much. Lets read them one by one.

He wants attention

The first and most obvious reason why French Bulldogs cry so much is because of exercise. French Bulldogs are very energetic little pups that love to be around people. The problem is, French Bulldogs aren’t born that way. They need a lot of exercise to burn off the excess energy they get from overeating and being overly active with their owner’s friend. This means they spend a lot of time playing with you and your friends, which can lead them to wanting absolute attention from their owners in order to make sure they are getting enough attention from other people, even if it is negative attention such as crying or whining.

He’s a nervous

While we have already explained why French Bulldogs cry excessively, there is a second reason French Bulldogs cry so much. It is also very obvious that French Bulldogs are extremely sensitive and nervous pups. This means that they easily become tense. This tension can often lead to loud crying for the pups to express their nervousness or stress out. It can be a lot of fun when the dogs are feeling good and happy but not when they are feeling scared or stressed out. It’s like a dog with stage fright crying hysterically in front of people because he’s trying to get them to calm down so he doesn’t mess up again in front of them.

He’s extremely hyperactive with his owner’s friends

While many Frenchies tend not to like their owner’s friend coming over because they are nervous around the other people and think that they might get harmed by them, those French Bulldogs who behave like this will often have extremely short tempers and try to bite or bark at their owners friends. This is often in response to the other dog being too affectionate with their owners friend or jumping up on the person when asked for a pet. It is very important to train your French bulldog as early as possible that other dogs, children and adults are not toys or playthings. It is never okay for a dog to want play with someone other than his owner.

He’s hungry or thirsty all the time

Frenchies with this personality often seem to be constantly thirsty or hungry even when they aren’t. They will beg more than they drink because they think all people want to do is give them things when in fact what they are really looking for is one-on-one time with their owners. Frenchies who are constantly thirsty or always hungry will have a very high level of stress hormones in their bodies, which can make them extremely lethargic and sleepy.

Is French Bulldogs Crying Normal?

Frenchies with this personality often seem to be constantly crying even when they aren’t. They will cry whenever something bothers them, which can be anything from another dog to a loud noise or even a full on hurricane.

Yes, you should expect Frenchies with this personality to cry. Yes, you should expect them to be upset or angered when something goes wrong in their life and yes, you should expect them to want more one-on-one time with their owners. If you see your French Bulldog is constantly crying during the day, it is recommended that you take it to the vet for an examination.

Do French Bulldogs Cry Tears?

Frenchies with this personality often have a lot of tears in their eyes, which is very common in dogs. When they are upset, they will shed a lot of tears and will often appear to be crying much more than other dogs their age would.

Frenchies with this personality often look like they are crying when they aren’t because of the extra salt in their tear ducts. When something does upset them or make them mad, the tears will naturally occur. It’s very normal for Frenchies to cry a lot during the day due to how happy and bubbly they are.

Is French Bulldogs Laugh Weary?

This is when something that was said or done makes you laugh, but this does not make you happy with your life. Dogs that are affected by this personality often appear to be crying when they are laughing, because their eyes are watery and their eyes look like they have gotten water in them.

As with most personality characteristics, there are a variety of ways that your French Bulldog can express their emotions. The best way to determine what they are feeling is to look at the signs they give off and pay attention to how they act with you.

Do French Bulldogs Scream?

French Bulldogs are known for their high pitched howls that sound like a combination of a long human scream and their cute yips. This can be very adorable and entertaining, but this is not necessarily the normal cry a French Bulldog will give out when they are upset or scared.

As their scream is very high and sounds like a long human scream, you may find that your dog has been yelling at something and you do not know what it is that their barking was about. They might be barking because they are trying to warn you before they lunge forward and bite whoever they’re angry with. So it may not be a bark at all, but rather a loud yelp or howl to scare off the dog that was being threatened by them.

Also they sometimes scream in response to something specific, such as a loud noise, for example:

  • Screams when playing with balls
  • Screams when socializing with people
  • Screaming at the dinner table for toys or food
  • Defecating
  • Breaking up fights between other dogs

Why Is My French Bulldog Whining in His Crate? – Answers from a Dog Trainer

There are a lot of reasons why your French Bulldog may be whining in his crate.

Most likely, he is bored or uncomfortable. If you keep him in the crate for extended periods of time, then he will finally realize that he is there because you want him to be there, not as punishment. While you are at work/school and can’t take him out for a walk or exercise, he will begin to cry in his crate. This is a good sign that he wants to go outside and play (as long as it’s safe for the dog).

If you leave him in the crate for more than an hour at a time without giving him something to play with, sleep on etc., then he will begin to whine when your leave the house and his boredom sets in. As stated above, without positive reinforcement from being outside or being let out of his crate, he’ll begin to vocalize because this is the only way that your dog knows how he will let others know how unhappy he is.

How to Stop Your French Bulldog Crying

Now you have known the reasons why your French Bulldog is crying, you can start to correct it.

1. Let your dog out of his crate two or three times daily for at least a few minutes. If you need to, put him in a stall that does not have a door to make sure he cannot escape. Be sure you are present so that he does not feel threatened.

2. Leave him on an early schedule (around the same time every day). If you have him on an evening schedule (such as 7pm), you probably will not be able to go out with friends, or even your family before he wakes up screaming and crying. The sound of your car door opening can cause harm (he hears it when you pull up, but doesn’t see anyone). Therefore, leave before others arrive if possible.

3. Take note of the time of day when his crying begins and try to take good care of him throughout the day so that he learns this feeling is unpleasant and will not do it again!

4. If it happens once again, then return to step #1 above! This teaches him that this is what his people want from him: someone who cares! He will learn through positive reinforcement… It will not be long until your French Bulldog is happy and healthy again!

5. Be a responsible owner and realize that you are responsible for his health. Medicate him when necessary, for example: if he has bad gas (but not if he only gets half a bowl of food), or is losing weight, or has Addisons Disease.

6. When he is well, try not to miss a pit stop or eliminate the number of times you go out. I recommend that you visit your veterinarian all year long.

7. Keep him clean, not only from dirt and dust, but also from fleas and ticks! Fleas can cause painful reactions in your dog and make their fur fall off. It’s important to control the infestation early! If he gets fleas, it’s easy to use home remedies such as homemade pesticide products (see below). Therefore: do what you can at home first before going to the veterinary office.

Note: French Bulldog are prone to a few health issues. Make sure you have a vet who knows your breed, and is willing to take the time to help you!


French Bulldogs are very active dogs. They also tend to be “bouncy” and a little “goofy” at times. With that being said, there are many ways that Frenchies can act silly or goof off. This can be seen in any variety of different ways but it usually involves jumping up on you, running around and playing, or playing with other dogs. There is nothing wrong with any of these behaviors as long as everything is done in a positive manner. If you find one behavior making your dog happy and healthy, then feeling good about yourself for having such an active pet that loves you so much is enough to make you smile!

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