What Is Reverse Sneezing In French Bulldogs?

Do you own a French Bulldog and you notice minute changes in his behaviour? Are you wondering if something is wrong with your dog? You are not alone! Many dog owners find it hard to give a quick answer when they notice their dogs having sudden changes in their behaviour.

You might have observed your Frenchie making sudden high-pitched sounds while inhaling or exhaling while simultaneously closing his mouth and nostrils. This is called reverse sneezing. It is not the same as choking or gagging. It does not mean that your dog is having difficulty breathing. It is a medical condition that can affect dogs of all ages. It is more common in French bulldogs.

This article will tackle the causes, prevention, and treatment of reverse sneezing in French Bulldogs.

What Are The Symptoms Of Reverse Sneezing?

Before we decide whether there is something wrong with your Frenchie, let’s look at the symptoms of reverse sneezing in a French Bulldog.

In general, Your Frenchie suddenly starts making high pitch sounds while inhaling or exhaling. He will snort out air, usually when breathing fast. He will start closing his nostrils and mouth while inhaling and exhaling. It is not the pain that causes difficulty in breathing or reverse sneezing in dogs.

You should never panic because this is just a natural reaction of dogs while inhaling.

What Causes Your French Bulldog To Do Reverse Sneezing?

Like other behavioural changes in Frenchies, they have some reasons behind them, so the reverse sneezing has too. It is caused by many factors, some of which are as under :

Dust or irritants from a carpet, blanket:

If your dog is exposed to inhaling a bad smell or dust, he might experience reverse sneezing. Sometimes, fabric or the carpet on which your Frenchie is lying could be one of the reasons. As your dog could be allergic to the fabric, dust, or carpet, changing the temperature might trigger irritation in the nasal cavity. This could lead to reverse sneezing.


Allergies are also one of the main causes because your Frenchie can be allergic to cat dander, pollen, or pollen-like substances. These factors lead to allergies in dogs. Hence, if your Frenchie is allergic to any of the above factors, it can lead to reverse sneezing.

Infection in Nasal Cavity:

 Infection is another possible reason behind reverse sneezing in French. They can be an infection in the nasal cavity and might lead to inflammation, excessive mucus secretion, and blockage of the airways due to swelling. The inflammation may cause reverse sneezing, such as nasal discharge.

Weather Changes And Environmental Changes:

 Animals tend to experience a change in their general behaviour with weather changes and environmental changes, but it is not the same with French Bulldogs. Often they become restless due to changes in weather or environment, leading to unusual behaviour such as whining, barking, etc. It could be one of the reasons for reverse sneezing for


 Frenchies are impulsive and easily get excited over small things like new environments and people. So they might have a habit of making noises while doing this, their soft palate, which could trigger reverse sneezing.

How to stop my French Bulldog from reverse sneezing?

Every problem has a solution, so you must look at the causes first and figure out the best way to manage it. So here are some of the things which can help you in controlling your Frenchies’ reverse sneezing.

Feed your dog regularly:

 As it is not a known cause of reverse sneezing, you also need to feed your pet regularly as it can help in maintaining the overall balance of your pet’s health and immune system, which could help in controlling the problem.3. Check out dog food: Quality of food can have

Regularly change and clean your dog’s bedding: 

As dust and mites love a warm and humid environment, keeping your dog’s bedding clean is very important in controlling the problem. Cleaning is more important than changing the bedding itself. Further, parasites cannot live in the same place for long, so clean your dog’s bedding regularly, at least once a month.

Prevent your dog from excessive exposure to cold temperatures: 

If you have a pet that likes to stay outside for long hours or frequently goes outdoors during winter, it might cause reverse sneezing, as it is a common occurrence with such dogs during cold weather. You should provide your dog with protection against the cold by providing them with a coat, boots, and gloves while outside.

Keep the house clean:

 This is the most effective way of controlling the problem. To keep the house clean, get rid of dust bunnies, small fur balls, and other microorganisms that cause your Frenchie to reverse sneeze. Clean and frequently disinfect ( once in several days) the room your pet spends most time in. You can use a light furniture polish spray or wood cleaner such as ‘Furniture Protector’ or ‘Fresh on Leather.’

Consult A Vet:

 If you have detected a pet reverse sneeze secretion in your dog, but it is not responding to the above measures, and he is still snorting, sneezing, and sniffling even after the measures have been taken, then you can consider taking him to a vet. A Vet will be able to help you overcome this problem.

Is Reverse Sneezing Dangerous For My French Bulldog?

The harm or danger of a disease or problem can be calculated by the extent or degree of that problem. Unfortunately, it is difficult to state the extent of the reverse sneezing effect that a French Bulldog’s health might suffer because there is no specific or quantitative definition of reverse sneezing. The only thing we can be sure about is that Reverse Sneezing does not directly harm your dog. It is usually a mild reaction to some physical or emotional stress.

The danger could arise if your Frenchie acquires an imbalance caused by reverse sneezing. This imbalance could be inordinate excretion of saliva, mucous, and bile, decreased appetite, lack of strength, excessive excitability, and even extreme thirst. If you observe any of the above symptoms or signs, you should consult a Vet immediately.

Conclusion :

If you have a Frenchie, reverse sneezing is something you should look hard to improve. Reverse sneezing is a harmless problem that can be checked at any time by simple home remedies and the following proper measures. Some of them are described above for your help. I hope that this article has helped you to get a better understanding of the problem and of how to make reverse sneezing go away.

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