What is Belgian Malinois Used for? (Answered in Detail!)

The Belgian Malinois is one of the best working dogs. They are usually used for herding, tracking, and protection purposes. They’re also highly suitable for obedience, agility, and police work. Their intelligence, ability to learn new things, and structure make them great companions in your life. Belgian Malinois are loyal to their owners and do not harm people. They are very protective and make good guard dogs, especially for those who live in apartment complexes.

Belgian Malinois are courageous, strong, independent, and, most of all, very courageous. They are not just perfect for herding but also for police and crime detection. They can be used as police dogs and military dogs as well. Protecting their master or owner from any intruders. Belgian Malinois is one of the most suitable breeds for agility competitions.

They have good balance, an agile body, stamina, sure-footedness, quick reflexes, and confidence in doing tricks on the agility course. What makes Belgian Malinois such great dogs are explained below, and I hope it helps.

What is Belgian Malinois Used for?

Belgian Malinois are working dogs and are used in different ways. There are many speculations on using these dogs, but here is the list of their main uses:


    These dogs have a strong motivation to work and are excellent sheepdogs. They learn very fast and can be trained easily. Herding is one of the most suitable purposes for this breed.

    Military/Police/Security Dogs:

      They can also be used in the military, police, and security services as working dogs. But their focus gets modified in small spaces like the house or apartment, which makes them an appropriate dog for security and police work, too, because they can follow their master’s commands on all sub-levels of the house or apartment with ease.


      Belgian Malinois were originally bred to kindle flocks from predators like wolves and foxes in Belgium when they didn’t have other options available. The main reason was to protect people’s safety from dangerous animals that might attack them so they could gather sheep peacefully without any worries.

      This is why Belgian Malinois will never be a good hunting dog because you need a specific person that can teach them how to hunt correctly, and they will never know what they should do when out hunting without their trainer’s guidance or even without their master’s guidance too if he or she is not present at home at the time.

      Why are Belgian Malinois Used as Police Dogs?

      Belgian Malinois are the best police dogs because they are reliable and ensure they stay close to their master whenever they go out on a job. They make sure that they don’t get lost in any case, and that is why they are often chosen as police dogs in cases where their masters are not present at home or even when their masters aren’t present at home but need them to come back.

      Great Nose

      Belgian Malinois are excellent dogs at detecting things, even if they aren’t trained for that particular job. This is because not many dogs can be trained to sniff out items like drugs or explosives, but the Belgian Malinois, for obvious reasons, is good at doing that. They are also good at finding stolen products and anything of this nature.

      Very Protective

      Being a very protective animal, Belgian Malinois make great pets for police officers. They often get angry whenever they see something threatening or even when they detect adverse conditions that warrant their feeling of distrust and dislike. Therefore, they are well-trained to work under adverse circumstances and make great police dogs as long as their masters know how to control them well.

      While Belgian Malinois make great pets for police officers and other people who work under absolute authority, they can make wonderful pets for individuals who want to own a dog that is trained to protect itself but also be friendly at the same time. The dog must be well trained before being given as a pet since their owners often tampered with it. They may not be very good animals if they have not been adequately trained beforehand.

      Extremely Alert

      It is also important to note that Belgian Malinois make excellent watchdogs. They are extremely alert, and they also get angry whenever they detect anything in the vicinity that seems suspicious. They will also bark when they are afraid, just like huskies and other dogs.

      Also, suppose you plan on leaving your home with the dog present. In that case, it is essential to know how your dog communicates with you and if he has been trained well enough so that he will not bark or misbehave when something is happening in the vicinity.

      Tireless and Athletic

      Belgian Malinois are known for being tireless and athletic. As a miniature breed, the dog is indeed small in size, but it does not mean it will be unable to run all day. This breed of dog is also not very big. When you come across these dogs at dog shows, you will notice them to be very light and small but agile when moving from place to place. They also have an excellent speed that allows them to run long distances without tiring.

      Extremely Strong

      The Belgian Malinois can do anything that other dogs can do, even better since it has such a high natural strength level. It is also good that the dog is so strong since it has been bred to have this strength level, and it can prove to be useful when searching out people who are lost or in danger of getting lost in certain situations. The dog often wins competitions where people have to search for their food while on a trail, or their owners severely punish them.


      Why are Belgian Malinois Used in the Military?

      Since the dog is strong, it can be seen in various scenarios where they are used in the military. They are usually referred to as army dogs because they make good soldiers in different settings where they will have to go on a search for people who are lost or who need help somewhere outdoors. Military personnel often use these dogs to perform jobs similar to the roles played by pets, such as sending them into various buildings when someone has gone missing inside and then coming back out with their job done successfully.

      This means that you can find Belgian Malinois at many places where people will also appreciate them for their strength and agility.

      Which Belgian Malinois Traits are Useful for Military Service?

      The Belgian Malinois is effective at actively searching out people or other things that are being illegally disposed of and then sending them back to their owners. When there is danger, the dog can be heard barking for people to get away from somewhere scary. This dog will also be used when it needs to search for explosives or drugs like soldiers might use them to find weapons smuggled in illegal places.

      Another useful trait you may find useful when using this breed of dog is its instinct to take on certain responsibilities, known as “pack leader” roles, just perfectly.

      Are Belgian Malinois still Used for Herding?

      Since the Belgian Malinois was originally used in herding back in Belgium, it’s still a feasible option for someone to take this type of dog and use it in herding. If you have heard that they are not good at catching anything, then you might also like to note that they are also not good at catching other dogs, which is another reason they are only used for being herders.

      A Belgian Malinois can take on this position if you’re interested in having the dog become your heifer. The dog can be trained just as well as any other herding dog, depending on their personality and how well-meaning their owners are with them.

      How to take care of your Belgian Malinois

      So now that you have a better idea of what exactly your Belgian Malinois breed will be like and that it’s an excellent option for those who don’t mind working with a certain breed of a dog, let us go into some more details about how to take care of his chores and how to train them. It is important to note that when training your Belgian Malinois, do not use harsh methods or techniques. The dog will achieve whatever level of obedience you need from them if you practice with positive reinforcement.

      The same goes for the dog’s bond with its owner and handler. You want to ensure that the dog agrees with you so much that they start doing what you want them to before taking on any form of obedience training or herding duties. This will make things less stressful for their owners and the dogs themselves in the long run.


      The Belgian Malinois is an excellent breed of dog that will give you a ton of support and love, so if you’ve been considering getting this dog or, even better, your first one, you should give it a go. It is still fairly new, and some people have questions about its personality and daily care. We hope this mini guide to the Belgian Malinois has helped remove some of those fears. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions about the Belgian Malinois or anything, feel free to leave us a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help!

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