4 Ways to Get Your Aussie to Stop Jumping on You

Have you ever felt a little scared when an Australian Shepherd jumps on you, or maybe you even feel like running away? If you have, then you must be an owner of a perfect breed, an Australian Shepherd. If you are one of those owners, how do you discipline your Aussie? You just want it to stop jumping on you. Well, there is a method that will help get your Aussie to stop jumping on you.

Before I tell you how to get your Aussie to stop jumping on you, let’s first know what jumping is. Jumping is a natural behavior that Aussies use to communicate with one another and humans. When you see your dog jumping on you, you might be wondering what they want from you. It can be anything from wanting to be petted, to begging for a toy, to just want your attention

Try these 4 ways to stop your Aussie jumping on you

1. Sit Training your Aussie

When your Australian Shepherd was a puppy, you didn’t mind it so much when they used to jump on you. You even found it kind of cute. Now that your Aussie is a full-grown, large dog, you want to curtail their jumping, but how? Here are some methods you can use to get your Aussie to stop jumping on you.

Step 1: Simulate Being Gone for a While (or Do It for Real)

When you want your Aussie to sit, you just need to pretend that you are going somewhere. I would recommend placing your Aussie on a leash and walking them for a short distance. Do not pull them or push them. Just walk at a regular pace that does not force the dog to try and run after you. I would recommend that you do this for at least three days straight.

Step 2: Test out Sitting in a Greeting Scenario

You can test out the sitting of your Aussie by inviting them to sit. If you’re using a leash, do not pull the leash and make sure you leave the collar on. You should start off by saying “I want to pick up my dog” or “I want to hug my dog”. If your Aussie sits down, put the treat on their head and praise enthusiastically as they receive it

Step 3: Step Away and Repeat the Command

Walk or jog your Aussie and say “I want to pick up my dog” or “I want to hug my dog”. If they sit, praise them, give them the treat and then ask them to sit again. Be sure to remain patient as you repeat this step 10-20 times in a row.

Step 4: Give Your Aussie a Treat 

If your Aussie is still sitting, remove the leash and give them something to eat or drink. Then, tell them to sit one more time. If they recall their position and sit again, praise them and give them something to eat or drink again. Keep repeating this step until your dog does not want to sit when you ask it to.

Step 5: Keep It Up

Now, for the final step. When your Aussie stops wanting to sit because he is used to being readied for a walk, you can take them for a short walk (or run in your case) and say “I want to go for a walk” as you place your hand on their back (not the leash). Place the leash in your pocket and start walking at a regular pace. If they obey, praise them vigorously and give them a treat. If they continue to disobey, call them over to you by saying “come here” and put the leash in your pocket while they come over.

2. Leash Training your Aussie

Start by firmly holding on to the leash. When you are in the area where you want your Aussie to sit, stop for a moment and say “sit”. At this point, immediately pull the leash and ask your Aussie to sit. If they do not obey, give them a sharp tug (only a little tug) and ask them again. If they still do not obey, give them another sharp tug. Repeat this method until your Aussie sits when you tell it to.

Step 1: Buy a Long Leash

Start off by going for a long walk with your dog. Then, I stopped, hoping that he would sit. Once he does so, say “to sit” and immediately pull the leash and ask him to sit. If he obeys, praise him and reward him with a treat (or a snack). Continue walking until your Aussie is used to sitting as soon as you stop.

Step 2: Enlist the Help of a Second Person

Once you have made your dog sit, get the other person to hold a leash. Get them to walk up and down while you ask your dog to sit. If they do not listen, give them a small tug and ask them again. If they do not obey, repeat this step until they sit when you tell it to.

Step 3: Hold the Leash as You Come In 

When you see that your Aussie is used to sitting when you come together, try holding the leash as you come in. This way, there is a chance that your Aussie will sit when it sees you coming.

Step 4: Greet Your Aussie but Prevent Jumping by Stepping on the Leash

Once you are used to allowing your Aussie to sit when you are coming, try greeting them. But if your dog is used to jumping for joy, you can use the leash to prevent the jumping. When your Aussie comes over, take hold of the leash and then pull it from them immediately so that they will not jump when they see you coming.

Step 5: Give Rewards for Good Behavior

The next step is to reward the good behavior of your Aussie. When they obey, give them a treat or a small snack. This way, they will start to get used to you coming and giving treats when they see you.

Step 6: Repeat the Process Every Day

Make sure that you repeat this process every day. Make sure that your Aussie does not get used to avoiding you so that it can jump for joy. Also, make sure that your dog does not know how to sit when you do not ask. If this happens, your dog might jump and run away from you when it sees you coming.

3. The Step Toward Method 

When it comes to training your Aussie, the Step Toward Method might be the most effective one. Here are the things that you will need to follow in order for your dog to learn this method:

Step 1: Have Treats Ready

When it comes to training your Aussie, the first thing that you have to do is have treats with you. This will help you get your dog to do what you want it to.

Step 2: Step Forward to Your Aussie

When you are in preparation for training your Aussie, first make it clear that the only way for your dog to get its treats is to come towards you. Make sure that your Aussie will be used to jumping for treats when you come.

Step 3: Stop and Give Your Aussie Treats

When you get your Aussie to come towards you, stop first so that they will know that they are not allowed to jump. Then, start giving them the treats.

Step 4: Be Ready to Keep Stepping Forward

After you have done this for some time, then the next step is to keep stepping forward. The Aussie should start following your steps as you are moving towards them. Eventually, your dog will start jumping for the treats and will get used to you coming to give them treats.

4. Ignore Them 

Keep ignoring your Aussie when you come up to it. This is another way for them to learn. This step might take some time, but it will definitely help your dog in the long run. The five steps that we just described are just a few of the ways that you can train your Aussie to learn new things. 

Step 1: Come Home Like Normal

When you first come home from work, do not make any noise as you go in. Just step into the house and call your puppy over. Then, make sure that you follow him and show him something with a lot of treats. If your dog does not come over to you, then start ignoring him by turning around or approaching the other way.

Step 2: Turn Away from Your Aussie When They Jump

You might try using your foot to push them away from you when they jump. This will help them realize that they should come towards you instead of jumping.

Step 3: Wait Until They’re Calm, Then Greet Your Aussie

You have to wait until your Aussie is calm. This can take some time, so be patient. You might try giving them a few treats and then waiting as they look at you.

Step 4: Reward with Treats and Praise

When your Aussie is calm, then reward it by giving it some treats and praising. Make sure that you do this every time. Soon, your dog will start knowing what you want him to do and he will start jumping for the treats that you are giving him.

Step 5: Keep Doing It to the Point That Your Aussie Knows What You Want It to Do

Now, you will have to keep doing this for some time. Eventually, your Aussie will start jumping for you not because he wants the treats but because he has learned that it is what you want him to do.


Now you have learned a lot about telling your Aussie what you want it to do. You should now be able to tell your dog exactly as you want it and make sure that it learns these commands well. I hope this article helped you a lot and I wish the best for your dog. if you have any questions, please let us know in comment section 

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