Merle French Bulldog Guide: Everything You Should Know

Before we get into the merle French Bulldog guide, I would like to introduce this breed. Merle French Bulldogs are one of the rarest Frenchies. They have sound body, soft coat, and eye that is bright and curious. Their coats are of various colors, including white, black, and silver. Merle French Bulldogs are usually born with brown eyes and a black coat. As they grow older, they develop more brilliant colors and different markings on their bodies depending on their parents’ genes. Frenchies are known as the “friendly” dogs of the world, which mean they are extremely friendly to everyone around them.\

French Bulldogs are so friendly with everyone around them that you will often find them playing in the park with children or other pets. They love to be around people as much as possible because it is one of the reasons why they were bred for companionship! Children especially love this dog because it has such a playful demeanor to it but, at the same time, is always willing to listen and follow instructions. A French Bulldog that has been improperly trained can be a very clever dog that will try to figure out how to get its master’s attention.

It is best to perform commands like sit and stay while keeping the dog on a loose leash and have other people around who can correct bad behavior on the dog’s part.

What is a Merle French Bulldog?

A merle French Bulldog is like your standard Frenchie in that it’s small in size, friendly, and one of the most loyal pets. What’s different about a merle French Bulldog is its peculiar, show-stopping coat. When a Merle French Bulldog is born with a double coat, it is because of this. White strands interweave with black stripes.

The spots on the dog’s coat will vary from light cream to dark brown. These spots will have a lighter tone than your standard Frenchie, which is why the dog is called a merle.

Where Does a Merle French Bulldog Come From?

A merle Frenchie is not a purebred dog. Because we know that purebred dogs have parents of the same breed, a merle Frenchie is not purebred. The merle French Bulldog came to be through selective breeding. Because of the double coat, this Frenchie could not propagate on its own and, consequently, was bred with other French Bulldog breeds.

What Are Other Color Variations?

A merle coat is produced by a weak merle gene diluted by other genes. When this happens, merle colors appear.

Lilac Merle

This French Bulldog has a chocolate brown and blue base coat color and is light-eyed. Its legs are lighter than the rest of the dog, and it has an interesting look. The blue fur is revealed to be lilac in color because the color of the lilac fur is now visible. You can purchase a rare Merle Frenchy for as much as $30,000.

Black Merle

The French Bulldog is an athletic dog. This Frenchie has a blackish-brown coat, which is not just black but also grizzly-colored. The black eyes are hazel in color, making the dog seem mysterious and a favorite of fashion designers. The eyes are darker than the other parts of the English Bulldog’s body because they have so much pigment that they cannot be seen without a close look.

Blue Merle

This Frenchie has a tan and a blue base coat color. The blue fur is revealed to be lilac in color because the color of the lilac fur is now visible.

What Issues do Merle French Bulldogs Have?

The Bulldog is prone to many health issues that can be widespread or acute. Some health issues are organ dysfunctions, allergies, ear problems, skin problems, and other types of illness.

It is important to note the following risks:

  • Atopic Dermatitis (Atopy): an allergy to an environmental substance
  • Intertrigo: inflamed skin caused by skin folds rubbing together
  • Perineal Hernia: displaced pelvic and abdominal organs
  • Luxating Patella: a dislocated patella (kneecap)
  • Epilepsy: reoccurring seizures
  • Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome (BOS): difficulties breathing due to small-sized skull

Eye and Ear Defects:

Bulldog is more sensitive to their ears than other dogs. They can be prone to having an infection or developing a skin infection in other parts of their body due to what they have in their ears, which is irritating and painful. Many times the Bulldogs are born with this condition as well.

Possible Vision Problems:

  • Blindness: no sight in one or both eyes
  • Microphthalmia: eyes are unusually small or barely there, making it difficult to see
  • Cataracts: cloudiness on the eye lens, which can lead to blindness
  • Corectipia: the pupil is lower than normal; it usually doesn’t severely affect a dog unless other eye issues are present
  • Jagged Pupils: the pupil has jagged or irregular edges resulting in light sensitivity and vision impairment

Ear Problems:

  • Epiphora: the excess discharge from the nose or the tear duct can cause constant running or dribble from the ears.
  • Scissoring: the eardrum has been split apart, causing wetness to the ear.
  • Stymphilia: a liquid or slime is visible in the ear, which causes ear problems due to inflammation and infection

What Should I Know About Purchasing a Merle French Bulldog?

Owning a Merle French Bulldog is no different than owning any other dog breed. There are some things you should do in the purchasing process. Merle French Bulldogs are prone to many health and skin problems throughout their lives. Understand what you are getting yourself into before bringing one home from the breeder or a rescue center.

Where to Find Them

Finding a merle French Bulldogs dog is not an easy task. Health checks and ensuring both dogs are healthy before breeding is required. If possible, you should visit the breeder in person as well. Your breeder should be willing to meet and greet you and show you their dogs. You should not buy a dog from a breeder if you can’t visit their home or have never seen their dogs in person.

Breeding isn’t for everyone, and some people will want to do all the work themselves. If you are one of these people, you can find breeders on the internet if you are careful.


A French Bulldog puppy will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. If you are wise and do your research properly, you might not need to spend this much money on a pet. Finding a reputable breeder is better in the long run than going to a pet store and buying a puppy

. A reputable breeder will have health records on the parents of their puppies, and health testing is done on them, and will be eager to show you the parents of their puppies. Price will depend on several factors, such as where you live, how many animals they are breeding, etc…

How Do I Care for a Merle French Bulldog?

The merles are generally calm dogs but can be a little hard to care for. It is, however, fairly simple to raise them. Remember that many merles will not be this way forever, so you should prepare for a dog that may become more difficult to care for when it reaches adulthood.


This is easy with a puppy, but you need to trim the hair around their face and ears as they grow. Tugging on the ears can cause pain and ear infections. During this time, you should be using dog shampoo to clean them. Keeping their skin folds and ears clean also contributes to keeping their skin healthy and infection free. Be sure to wipe or gently wash their ears before drying them completely.


Merles are very active, so you should keep them exercising to keep their skin healthy and their coats shiny. This allows them to run around a large area with little or no boundaries.

They need a lot of exercises to stay healthy, so try to let them run outside your house or in your front and back yards. Make sure that you have enough room for them, though. And be careful if they are in an apartment with another dog or a much smaller yard.

There are several simple toys you can use to play fetch with them and some high-quality dog toys that are durable and don’t easily break apart when chewed on by a French Bulldog. These dog toys will keep their toy-chewing behavior under control while they play with each other.


French Bulldogs are a very large breed of dog, so they must be fed a mixture of higher and lower-protein foods. They also need to be given lots of calories. Their large size requires plenty of food, and you’ll want to keep them supplied with lots of food in their bowl after eating.

Is it Ethical to Buy a Merle French Bulldog?

Having a merle French bulldog is unhealthy, but each individual must decide if buying one is a good idea. It’s not ending up in a shelter if you take a Merle Frenchie home. And, there are already too many pets without homes is possible that purchasing this unique breed encourages breeders to continue customizing breeds, although some people think that this is not nice for the breed. However, we recommend you make up your mind and decide what is right for you.

Final Thoughts on French Bulldogs:

French Bulldogs are unique in many ways and can be trained to become your best friend. It’s important to be careful with them as they are not just any other dog. They are highly intelligent and passionate dogs but need lots of exercise and attention when young. Having a Frenchie is not only rewarding but also worth the work that will be required to keep them happy. I hope you like this post on french bulldogs. If you have any questions, please write a comment below.

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