How to Train Your Australian Shepherd Puppy

Have you ever asked yourself the question:”How do I train my Australian Shepherd puppy?”

It can be pretty exciting to have a new puppy and you’ll want to know how to train them. Australian Shepherd puppies are a wonderful breed and can make great pets, but they also need training, socialization, and exercise. As a new pet owner and owner of an Australian Shepherd puppy you will want to know what training to do, if you do or don’t need to train your Australian Shepherd, and how to start training your Australian Shepherd puppy.

At times, people become overwhelmed with this new responsibility. This is natural, but by following the instructions on this page, you will be well on your way to being able to train your Australian Shepherd pup. Training an Australian Shepherd puppy is a fun process that helps the pup to stay safe and avoid behavioral problems later in life.

Let’s start from the beginning…

In order to train your new puppy, you will need to determine the basics of dog training.

You will need to understand each type of dog training and how it works before you decide on which method you want to use. There are several different types of dog training systems including: positive reinforcement, leash free use, and behavioral modification. Each of these dog training methods has their own benefits and it is important that you understand how they work before choosing a method.

A common problem, right?

First, let’s start by saying that most dogs will be happy to see you after a few days of being left alone. Some dogs, however, may harbor a few negative emotions toward their owners once they are left alone and need to learn how to respond appropriately. Let’s look at the four most common negative emotions that dogs can have when their owner leaves them alone. Some dogs are extremely affectionate while others are not so affectionate. This is something that you need to recognize and first decide whether or not you want your puppy to be as friendly as you might desire.

So, what can you do?

It’s important to remember that your pup has been raised by your new puppy parents who were once pups themselves and understand every emotion associated with being left alone. This is the one learning process that your dog will need, if you decide that you want to train your Australian Shepherd to not get upset about being left alone. Breathing, singing, playing and light exercises can help keep your dog occupied after hours of being left alone.

Well, the secret lays in…

Now that you have selected the method that you want to train your dog, it’s important to take some time to teach him how to behave appropriately. This means that you need to think about your pup’s personality and select the method that is most comfortable for your Australian Shepherd.

Let’s discuss the methods listed below and talk a little bit about some of the training tips to get started with your new puppy.

Training 101…

You need to be sure that your pup is well trained when you are out of the house. This is accomplished by starting with some of the basics such as handing over a treat every time your dog sits, lies or stays. You can also start with basic commands such as “sit” or “stay.” As your dog becomes used to the command, you can work on more advanced commands. You may also want to talk to your neighbor about some great ideas for training new tricks for your Aussie!

Once you have managed to train your dog to “sit” and “stay,” you need to continue with some additional training.

When To Start Training Your Australian Shepherd

It is recommended that you start to train your puppy at the age of 6 eight-week. This is when your dog reaches sexual maturity and the desire to be trained has started to increase. The earlier you start training, the more he will learn and remember what he has been taught. The best time is from 6 weeks of age until 1 month before his first birthday. You can bring your new pup to classes or enroll him in obedience training.

Routines, We All Need Them 

You should also try to be consistent with your training so that your dog will learn to anticipate the rewards. For example, you can put your puppy into a “training center” and not come back for a week. Then return and give your dog a treat. The next time you leave, your dog should already be waiting for you.

If you want to teach your pup something new, always prepare yourself for some time to train. Teaching your dog tricks, and then rewarding him for good behavior will help him build a good impression of you. Your Aussie will easily see that you are the one in charge.

Socializing Your Australian Shepherd Puppy.

You need to be aware that socializing your Aussie puppy is very important. You don’t want to keep him isolated in the house all day. He needs to be well socialized and have lots of fun.Socializing your puppy at a young age is not advisable as isolation during this critical time can potentially lead to an aggressive person. However, socialization is still very important at this age; you want to minimize the amount of time your puppy is in a crate or confined.

You need to start socializing your pup as soon as he begins to get the hang of his housebreaking. As soon as he finishes with his bathroom breaks, take him out and start playing and going for walks, etc. It’s a good idea to take your Aussie out on a regular basis over the next few days so that he can get used to being around other people and dogs.

Exercising and Walking Your Aussie Puppy

If your Aussie dog is exercised regularly, he will be calm and relaxed at home. He will also be very friendly, which means a lot to his owner. The next important thing is to always walk your Aussie with you on a leash. It’s recommended that you practice walking with a collar so that you can control the leash, so that in case of emergencies, you can pull him back. This way he would not get into trouble by running away or getting lost.

Whistle commands for your Australian Shepherd puppy.

One of the best ways to teach your Aussie puppy basic commands is to give him a whistle and make one of these commands. “Hey, good boy” or “Yip! Good boy”, etc. These are very quiet and clear so that your puppy will easily understand what you’re saying. If you are practicing these commands for obedience, it’s a good idea to keep the commands simple. For example, “Hey” is just a command to say that your dog is working well. It can be used in the beginning with any command like “Sit”.

It is important that you praise your Aussie puppy when he obeys and holds up his end of the leash. Otherwise, he may begin to feel like he is not getting anything from you. If you don’t reward him for good behavior, then he may stop obeying you when it’s time to go home or stop listening to your commands when outside.

How to use Voice Commands to train your Australian Shepherd .

If you want to teach your Aussie puppy command, you can use an outwards flow of commands. Let’s say that you want him to sit. You can say “Sit” and give him a treat, or “Good dog” and then give him a treat. This way, your Aussie will soon remember the commands and will know what you want him to do when he hears them.

Another thing to do when training your Aussie pup is to make sure that he understands each command before you move on. That way, if he doesn’t understand one or two commands, it won’t affect other commands as they will not be linked together with this one in the beginning.

Teaching Your Aussie Pup To Sit

This is the most basic command that you can teach your Aussie puppy. It is the easiest command to teach because you do not need any treats or toys. Teach your Aussie puppy to sit. Put a treat in his mouth, and say “Good boy”. When he does it, praise him with “Good dog”. Once he gets it straight away, then move on to the next step.

You can get a harness to attach his leash to his collar so that he can learn to sit on command. This way, you can ensure that he always stays at his command even when he’s moving around. Once you have successfully trained your dog to sit, you can teach him to lie down by also using the leash and not a collar.

How To Get Your Australian Shepherd Puppy To Come

Teaching your Aussie to come is a lot easier as compared to sitting. The steps are similar to the ones we discussed in the above section. Once he has it, then move on to the next phase. Teach your Aussie pup to come. Put a treat in his mouth, and say “Come”. Once he comes to you, praise him with “Good boy”. The next time you want him to go fetch a toy or stick, put the toy nearby and say “Good boy”, and when he goes get the toy give him a treat.

Teaching Your Puppy The “Down” Command

The next command that you can teach your Australian Shepherd pup is the “Down” command. Teaching your dog Down is also quite a simple task. Please make sure that you have already learned how to get him to sit, and come before teaching your Aussie puppy the Down command. You can teach him the “Down” command by putting a treat in his mouth, and saying “Down”.

Getting your Australian Shepherd To “Stay”

The next thing to teach your puppy is how to stay. Teaching your Aussie puppy this is also very easy and simple. Place a treat in your dog’s mouth and tell him to “Stay”. Once he does it, praise him with “Good boy”. Now next time you want him to go sit, put the toy nearby and tell him to “Stay” and when he gets the toy give him a reward.

Don’t Confuse your New Puppy 

If you don’t have consistency across the training in life, you will find it difficult to maintain yourself. If you want your new puppy to be a well-behaved dog, you need to get him used to the way that you move around. When he sees you in the morning and at nights, he will be acting very shy and wanting to join you. However once he sees that his human is still moving around without saying anything, then he will also start following along.

You need to have consistency when training your Australian Shepherd puppy. You need to have patience and consistency in order for him to get used to the commands that you teach him.

How to Control Your Nipping Australian Shepherd

If your Aussie puppy is nipping at you, then it needs to be taught the proper way of doing it. If your Aussie puppy is nipping at the people who love him the most, then he doesn’t have control of himself. Therefore you need to teach him the right way of behaving around them. Once your Aussie puppy learns that he has to stop doing this behavior, then only he will start behaving properly around his family and other people.

Potty Training Habits & Housebreaking Your Australian Shepherd

Potty training is the most important thing that you will train an Aussie puppy. Please don’t think that the potty training process is very difficult because it isn’t, in reality it doesn’t require much effort on your part. If you are teaching a puppy or dog to go to the toilet then you can consider teaching them this skill from 6 to 9 months old.

In order for your Aussie puppy to learn potty training; it is very important that he knows which place in the house is designated for going to the toilet and where he should go with his bladder when he has an urge for going for a pee and poo. The following are some of the techniques which can help you teach your Aussie pup properly about going on these two necessities:

Choosing the Best Nutrition For Your Aussie Puppy?

Depending on the age, height and weight of your Australian Shepherd puppy, you can employ the training techniques given in the above section. However you need to make sure that your Aussie puppy is getting what he needs in order to remain healthy and happy.

Please don’t forget to provide the right amount of nutrition for your Aussie pup; an Australian Shepherd puppy should be eating dog food which can help him have good health and well-being at all times.

Foods you Should Never Give Your Australian Shepherd puppy

Please don’t give your Aussie puppy any food which are not fit for dogs such 

  • Chocolate & Caffeine 

Chocolate causes a lot of problems to dogs, dogs can become addicted to this stuff which means that it is going to make them sick on a regular basis! The effect of caffeine on the liver will result in your Aussie puppy’s tummy becoming upset.

  • Garlic Onions Chives

These are toxic to dogs and there is a possibility that this can cause poisoning.

  • Salt and Salty Snacks

It is also not recommended to give your Aussies salty snacks because it might be bad for their stomachs.

  • Nuts 

Nuts are not good for your Aussie puppy’s body, they contain a lot of calories which will make them gain a lot of weight.

  • Grapes and raisins

Grapes and raisins are not good for the gastrointestinal tract of your Aussie puppy.

Any Artificial Sweeteners with Xylitol

These artificial sweeteners can cause a lot of problems for dogs. If your Aussies can’t digest these, it can lead to a lot of problems for them. An Aussie puppy’s diet is very important for his health and making sure that he eats in the right way. If you feed your Aussie puppy the right amount of nourishment, you can have a healthy and happy Aussie puppy that loves you and all. There are a lot of different foods for your Aussie puppy; however, some of these are not ideal for dogs. Here are some foods that you should avoid giving your Aussie puppy:

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