How To Keep My Australian Shepherd Off The Furniture

Do you have any furniture that is not safe for your Australian Shepherd to jump on, or curl up and fall asleep on? If so, this tip will help you get rid of the couch and replace it with a comfy new place for your Australian Shepherd to hang out. This tip is best used with a dog bed, heavy duty cardboard box or a sturdy piece of fabric. The thing I recommend most is a large cardboard box in which you can keep him when he is not allowed to be on the couch.

 However you choose to make the transition from couch to bed I hope these simple tips will help you and teach your Australian Shepherd where he should be sleeping instead of on the furniture.

If your dog has been allowed to sleep on the couch at some point in his life I highly recommend getting him off before starting his crate training so that it is not confusing later on in his life as he tries to figure out that he should be sleeping in his crate rather than on the furniture. In this article I will show you the most effective ways to teach your Australian Shepherd where he should be sleeping instead of on the furniture.

How do I train my Australian Shepherd to stay off the couch?

Training Australian Shepherds to stay off the furniture is just like any other dog in your life. You can begin with a few simple training techniques that you can use at home or that you can use outdoors if you have room to allow your Australian Shepherd to have some exercise time as well.  These training methods are very similar to most other dog training techniques and really only require a little bit of time and patience on your part.

In order for your Australian Shepherd to understand where he should be sleeping instead of on the couch, you will need to teach him the appropriate place he should be sleeping at night when he is not allowed on the couch. This means teaching him where his bed may be located in your home and what his place in its location is supposed to be. 

Do I share share my furniture?

Australian Shepherds are very loving and loyal dogs who want to be included in everything you do. They are extremely social dogs so they want to be a part of everything that you do. For this reason, I am going to go over the concept of sharing furniture before I go out and teaching your Australian Shepherd where he should sleep. This will allow you some time to read the next tip on teaching your dog where he should be sleeping rather than on the couch so that you aren’t caught off guard when it comes time for training at home.

When you have an Australian Shepherd, regardless of how well crate trained they may be, all three people in your family must financially invest in a dog bed for them to sleep on every night when they are created during the day . This investment is necessary for all animals if we want them to feel at home and safe. This is also why I always recommend getting an Australian Shepherd crate if you want your Australian Shepherd crate trained.

Start off on the right foot….or paw

When you’re getting your Australian Shepherd house trained, I highly recommend that you start off with their crate training. When their crate training is done, you will know exactly where the crate is located in your home and how to get inside of it. You will also be able to teach them where their bed (outside or indoor) may be located in your home and what its location should be. 

If you have time, this is the best time to start off with teaching them where they should sleep on the couch so that they can feel comfortable when it comes time for real dog training at home. All that’s left now is to choose a command word or phrase (such as stay) when they are in their crate and allow them to learn this command at home. When their house training has been successful, then it’s just a matter of teaching them what is expected of them when they make themselves comfortable with the couch while you are gone at work or school.

Make sure he has a place of his own.

One of the things that sometimes goes unnoticed is just how important it is to make sure your dog has a place of his own in your home. A dog’s instinct is to be with their pack. A dog needs to feel safe and at home with their pack members. This is what makes them feel at home and safe.

When you get a dog, it’s nice to think that they will just immediately respect your authority and listen to what you say. However, this is not always the case at all times. Sometimes we take owners for granted while they are still in training and sometimes they go a little above and beyond what we expect of them as well.

What do I do when I have to leave the house?

One of the most important things that you must do when you have to leave your home is to crate train your Australian Shepherd. If you plan on having a family member or babysitter come over and take care of them during their stay, make sure they are trained to handle it as well. I have seen multiple occasions where a dog was left outside for numerous hours for whatever reason. The result…an unwanted house visitor who wasn’t properly trained to handle an out of control dog. This could lead to injury or worse, an attack on the person who is taking care of the dog. For these reasons, you want to make sure that the person taking care of your dog has at least a basic knowledge of dog training.

Training your Australian Shepherd the “off” cue. 

There are a number of ways to train your dog when you have to leave the home. You can use a clicker and make them sit quietly before you come home, or you can train them to remain quiet once you come home by giving them a “stop” command as soon as they hear your car pull in. You can also train them in an environment where there is no moment of silence before they hear the door open by using your voice. The more ways that you are able to keep your dog occupied while making sure they are not misbehaving, the less likely it is that something bad will happen.

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