How Do I Get My Belgian Malinois To Be More Friendly With Other Dogs?

For many dog owners it’s very important to have a dog that is friendly with others. Although Malinois’s temperament is not exactly similar to other dogs, they still have natural qualities that make them becoming a good companion.

With the Malinois dog breed, major argument has been raised regarding their behavior with other animals. Most of the time the Malinois doesn’t like other breeds, even if they are friendly towards it. One of the most common questions raised is “How to get my Belgian Malinois to be more friendly with other dogs?”.

The answer lies in training Malinois to be well socialized when growing up. In this case, the dog will no longer fear people and will use its natural hunting instincts. This article will discuss how to make your Belgian Malinois be more friendly with others in spite that their natural reactions are not really pleasant for other canines.


Does Belgian Malinois Get Along With Other Dogs?

In fact, Malinois is a very intelligent breed which can be taught numerous tricks if trained properly. They are very much into working, but when the training is done well, your dog will have no problems to play with other dogs.

As for Malinois and other dogs, the best way to get them to go together is by playing a game called “Earn your Dog”, in which both of them compete against each other in their quests. In this game, both dog’s main focuses are on collecting treats from their owners as well as from other dogs. This way they will develop their social skills and eventually enjoy playing with each other.

However, there are a few things that you must know about this type of game for Malinois and other dogs. First, all of the treats must be pulled out of reach; this way it is the best way not to be tempted by chasing the treats. The other factor is to make sure your Malinois is well trained and obedient, as in this game they can easily become victims if they misbehave or run towards the other dog. Another important note regarding socialization is that you must take your Malinois out for walks together with your other dogs.

How to Get Belgian Malinois To Be Friendly With Other Dogs?

Now lets discuss a few tips on how to get your Malinois be more friendly with other dogs.

1. Start socializing your Malinois at an early age

Once you have reached a suitable age for the dog, you need to start socializing him. It is better to start as soon as possible because Malinois at a younger age may not have the necessary social skills needed to interact well with other dogs.

However, even though it is recommended to start socializing from an early age, if you wait until your puppy’s social skills are developed they will not be as good as they would later on in life. As such, you will not be able to obtain a proper level of socialization for your dog and this can lead him to develop negative tendencies.

2. Play Earn Your Dog Games with other dogs

In this game, both of them compete against each other in their quests for catching treats which are hidden behind obstacles. By dividing the treats into different piles and by having several food dispensers around the place they play together, they get used to playing together with other dogs and eventually enjoy playing together with them. This way they will develop their social skills and enjoy both the game itself and playing together with the other dog(s).

3. Have fun with training equipment that encourage your dog’s positive mindset

Playing games does not only help your dog become more sociable but it has another benefit when it comes to training too; make sure that you are using toys and other training equipment with positive rewards. This way your dog will learn that good behavior and joy is rewarded with something good, which will make him want to repeat the positive actions again.

4. Not only play games but also correct any bad habits and behaviors that he has

While playing together with other dogs is a great way to make them more sociable, it is not enough to develop their social skills; there are some behaviors they need to be corrected too. For example, if your Malinois barks too much at the other dog it needs to be corrected before it gets old enough to get more attention from the owners. In addition, if he runs after pets or does not react appropriately when you tell him off for not reacting then you must take his reaction seriously and train him properly or else he may get into trouble when meeting other dogs in the future.

5. Have a daily routine where you can spend time with your dog

Daily walks are great for developing and improving the bond between both the owner and their dog; not only is it able to make them play more but it also improves their social skills. By this way, they will gradually get used to seeing each other and will be able to interact with them better and more efficiently once they start mixing in public places.

6. Show them your affection whenever you can

This goes without saying, but showing affection to your dog is a must; it helps to build the bond between you two and makes them trust you more too which will help them to learn their commands quicker too. By this way, they will be able to offer better behavior when interacting with other dogs which they will do when they feel safe and comfortable.

By showing affection to your dog, you are letting him know that you love him and appreciate his character. This way both of you share a positive experience together and this bond becomes stronger over time thus making both of you more sociable and confident in public places.

Does Belgian Malinois Get Along With Small Dogs?

If you have a small dog, there are several issues that you must consider before you decide to get a Belgian Malinois. If your dog is very friendly and likes to play with other dogs, then it won’t be a problem for this type of dog to get along with other small dogs. If your Malinois Barks alot at small dogs, then there are several things that you can do in order to control his behavior.

One of the most important things that you can do is make sure that your Malinois is properly socialized with other dogs early on. By this way, he will learn how to behave in public settings when meeting another dog even if it’s a small one.

Another thing that you can do is take into consideration the fact that Belgian Malinois are known as very dominant while they are young and they tend to be more aggressive when they see another dog as an intruder or someone who may challenge his territory or authority

. As such, they sometimes have trouble getting along with other smaller dogs or even fearful ones such as teacup poodle puppies or smaller Pitbulls which could potentially lead them to conflict. This can be prevented if both the owner and their pup take precautions in advance by making sure that neither one of them shows any signs of aggression before interacting with the other.

In general, it is necessary to make sure that neither of your two dogs shows aggressive behavior towards one another or any signs of fear in public settings. If they do, the best thing that you can do is to keep them separate and give them plenty of space to interact with each other in their own environment which will be a safe and comfortable one.

Having two Malinois Dogs get along in your home is not always easy. It’s important to always keep this in mind and make sure that you are always prepared for any of the situations that may arise.

Why Socialization Is Important For Belgian Malinois?

Early socialization with other dogs and people can help your Malinois develop confidence in his new environment. You may have already noticed that once a Belgian Malinois is exposed to other dogs and people, they will be more confident. In fact, they don’t usually show aggression and even if they do, they will just let you know that they have your dog in check. However, it’s still best to keep your Malinois away from situations that could trigger his aggressive behavior so that he doesn’t cause problems for both the owner and the other dog.

You should also make sure that you give him plenty of time to interact with other dogs, including training sessions. This is important because it will help him learn how to react appropriately when meeting another dog which would help him change his behavior when the time comes. This will also help your Pup develop confidence in his new environment.

Also during this process, you should provide your Malinois with lots of food treats so he’ll learn how to act around other dogs as well as people.

Final Words on Belgian Malinois and Socialization

At last, it is very important that you take your time to socialize your dog properly when he is still a pup. You should make sure that you understand his personality, his behavioral traits and even his strengths and weaknesses. And if you have any questions about this breed, ask us in the comment section. We’d be happy to help you out.

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