French Bulldog Barking: Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

Have you ever wondered why French Bulldogs bark so much? It may have something to do with the fact that they’re just too cute. In fact, the French Bulldog is such an adorable and cuddly little dog that people often prefer them over other breeds simply because of their small stature. However, despite their best efforts to be quiet in public, they cannot help but let out a few barks every once in a while.

Do French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

Do French Bulldogs bark a lot? This question is perhaps one of the most frequently asked by new dog owners. A lot of people are afraid that their little Frenchie will take over the neighborhood because of his barking. The truth is, French Bulldogs tend to bark less than other breeds and are not a particularly noisy breed. This makes them the perfect guard dogs.

Plus, when they do bark, it is usually to alert you to something unusual. They are highly intelligent dogs, after all! That being said, if you do have a noisy French Bulldog and can’t seem to get him to stop barking, there may be some factors that you should consider.

Will Your French Bulldog Bark A Lot?

Will Your French Bulldog Bark A Lot? The most common question that we face in this area is whether or not a French Bulldog is a noisy dog. In some cases, they are. But, what’s more important is how much they bark. And you can rest assured that your Frenchie won’t be excessively noisy in your home or in your neighborhood.

If you do have an exceptionally noisy pup, you may be able to reduce their excessive barking behavior by finding out, why they are barking.

 If they are barking excessively or at odd times, you need to find out why. If they are at a loss because they cannot find your attention or may be lonely, they will bark excessively. So, you should pay more attention to your pet. If they do not want to stop barking, they may be suffering from anxiety. So, you need to work on changing that by providing your pet with proper attention and plenty of exercise.

For example, if you have a Frenchie that barks excessively in the evening or at night, this may mean he just wants more attention. In such cases, pet him and take him for walks or make sure he is getting enough physical activity throughout the day in order for him to feel calm and comfortable. Also, make sure that you are not leaving him alone for too long periods of time because this will only increase his anxiety and make his barking worse.

Why Do French Bulldogs Bark So Weird?

There are many reasons why French Bulldogs bark so weirdly. Some argue that their tendency to bark at strangers is due to the fact that they are not very social. But in most cases, the French Bulldog simply can’t help it. After all, they are dogs, which means that they have a natural inclination towards barking. They bark at strangers because they greet them.

In addition to this, some experts believe that the French Bulldog is a very private breed with a lot of suspicion towards strangers in general. When you consider how territorial the Frenchie is, it becomes evident why French Bulldogs bark so much. Also, I would like to point out that their small stature and excitable nature makes them prone to physical aggression when meeting new people.

Reasons For French Bulldogs To Bark Alot

If you believe that your Frenchie is barking because of a social or territorial reason, you’re correct. How do you know if your little dog is barking out of curiosity? When he barks, watch closely and observe his body language. If he just hops away from the space where he was barking, and begins to walk in a new direction, it means that he was just curious.

Poor Socialization

Throughout history, the French Bulldog has been considered a very social breed. This is because his ancestors were bred to be companions and guards, which made them very well adjusted. However, from the early days of his existence in America, his behavior has greatly declined. It’s true that he needs a lot of socialization. But what many people don’t understand is that only with enough socialization can we achieve their desired level of trainability and friendliness towards strangers.


As I said earlier, the French Bulldog is a very territorial breed with a lot of suspicion towards strangers. This makes them prone to being fearful. They are, however, one of the most trainable dogs you can find. In addition to this, there are ways through which you can improve the way they react towards strangers and make them less aggressive towards new people. 

Loud Sounds And Street Noises

The French Bulldog is also known for being very sensitive to loud noises and strong smelling smells. You just have to stay mindful of how much noise you make around your dog if you want her to continue barking at noises and strangers.

Presence Of A Stranger

Just like how you would be cautious of an unfamiliar person when you encounter him in public, your Frenchie should be too. If the person doesn’t give off a feeling of being unwelcome, your dog shouldn’t either.

Territorial Behavior

If your Frenchie is barking because of a territorial issue, you have to correct this behavior immediately. By doing so, you will be able to avoid a lot of problems in the future.

Seeking Attention

The Frenchie is a highly social breed and wants as much attention as he can get. This means that even in the most dire of situations, he will do anything to get your attention.

Another Dog Barking

Your Frenchie doesn’t just bark at strange people and loud noises. She also barks at other dogs. This means that even when you allow her around other dogs, she might still be barking at them. To prevent this from becoming a problem, you have to make sure that your dog doesn’t get confused between other dogs and people.


While the Frenchie is a very social breed, there are days when this will not be enough. Or even if the other dogs aren’t around, he might still want to play with toys all day long. To prevent this, you have to play with him with toys instead.

Separation Anxiety

Sometimes if two dogs live together, one of them might be excessively territorial with the other. What this means is that their relationship might become very bad with the other dog and even start to fear it. When you have one of these dogs, you will have to figure out a way of getting him over this behavior or he will start to bark at other people as well.

Health Issues

The Frenchie is a breed that has a history of health issues. As such, you will have to be very careful when it comes to her diet. This means that your dog will need supplements such as treats or different kinds of food as well to ensure her good health.

How Loud Do French Bulldogs Bark?

When it comes to barking, the French Bulldog is on top of the other breeds. That being said, since this breed is known for being very loud and incessant barkers, it is important to know how loud does a Frenchie bark.

A French Bulldog has a bark that sounds very much like a seal’s. This is because he tends to use his nose when barking instead of using his throat. And because of this, the dog ends up making a wheezy sound when it is barking.

This is why most French Bulldogs are known as “seal-like” barkers. This characteristic might seem funny to some people but can be extremely annoying to others.

However, if you have another dog in your home, your Frenchie might not seem so loud anymore. This is because the dogs will make all kinds of sounds to get your attention with the idea of gaining something.

Do French Bulldogs Bark When Left Alone?

One of the most important things when it comes to French Bulldogs is that you can train them to not bark at all. This means that even when you are away from home, your Frenchie will stay quiet and never bark again.

Although it might be easy to say that this dog will stop barking by himself, that is not the case. After all, the Frenchie bark is something that most of them use to express emotions such as fear, pain and even excitement.

But if you are just focused on not having your Frenchie bark too much when you leave home, there are a couple of steps that you can take to make sure this happens. Make sure your dog knows the word “quiet” before leaving home.

Tips On How To Stop French Bulldog Barking?

The first thing that you need to understand about the Frenchie is that it is a very smart dog and can be trained in all manners. The key to training your Frenchie is to know how to control his barking. 

Even if your Frenchie is only a puppy, you can still train him to stop barking. However, it will take more time as the Frenchie will become older. The easiest thing to do is to play with him and treat him with a lot of positive reinforcement. If you want your Frenchie to be fully trained then you would want to make sure that he is 100% trained.

Following are some of our working tips, which you can try to your French Bulldog if he barks alot;

Ignore Their Attention-Seeking Behavior

Since your Frenchie loves to be with people and other dogs, he can start showing attention-seeking behaviors, such as barking or biting. So, you will have to ignore him when you have guests at home and only reward him when he is calm.

Hire A Pet Sitter

Since your Frenchie is so active, you will have to hire someone to help you check on him and play with him for a few minutes. This will give you time to do other things and when you will come back home your Frenchie will still be calm and sleeping in his kennel.

Desensitize Barking Triggers With Socialization

This is very important when it comes to French Bulldogs as these dogs need a lot of socialization to be fully trained. This will mean that you will have to expose your Frenchie to different sounds or people so that he can get used to it and cease to bark at them.

Get Professional Help

If you do not have the time to teach your Frenchie how to behave, then there are certain things that you can do to help him. The best thing that you can do is to hire someone who is trained in dog training.

Why Does My French Bulldog Don’t Bark?

You should understand that barking is not a natural behavior for these dogs and it is something that needs to be trained. You can do it alone but you will need patience and the right tools to help you.

If you are training your Frenchie properly, then he will stop barking at the right time and stay quiet all the time. However, if your Frenchie is having a bad day, then he may interpret your absence as punishment and will start barking. For this reason it is always good to socialize them when you are home and make sure that they get enough exercise.


French Bulldogs are very intelligent dogs and you can teach them very complicated tasks. However, you need to be very patient and not rush the process.

If you do not follow the right training methods, then it is possible that you will end up with a dog that barks all the time, constantly fights with other dogs, cannot get used to new people, and some even have cancer.

I hope this guide helps you to understand why your Frenchie barks too much and what you can do about it. if you have any questions leave a comment below, i would love to help you to solve your problem.

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