Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Do you dream about having a French Bulldog puppy? If yes, then you are a lot of things you consider like shedding, health, and grooming. So do you wonder about how French Bulldog sheds? First of all, shedding happens to your little puppy and let’s see how it’s okay to handle it. Otherwise, you may have to deal with his shedding.

Frenchies are very adorable and having an intact coat is a good thing as well. French Bulldog sheds occur in spring and fall. Some dogs lose their winter coat at the same time of year (it depends on genetics) and others do not lose their coats until later.In this article we will go through some tips to handle your dog shedding.its effects and conditions cause this problem in dogs.

Is Shedding Normal? Can I Stop It?

When a French Bulldog is born, it has thick fur that needs to be combed and groomed frequently to prevent mats and tangles. The dog has a double coat consisting of a short outer coat with straight hair with a soft undercoat.

The short outer coat protects the dog from cold weather and directs heat away from the body. It can shed this coat twice a year. The dog sheds mainly in spring and fall.The French Bulldog is not known to be a heavy shedder. 

They usually shed only a few times throughout the year, but do so more frequently in between the seasons.The outer coat of an adult French Bulldog has a soft, plush appearance, with no undercoat. The straight hair is about two to three inches long with a slight wave to it and is black or white (red and fawn coloured dogs also exist). 

The shedding can occur in patches on the dog’s legs or face. Some dogs have some oily yellowish flecks within the fur during shedding, while others may have some loose hair that is shed out along with the rest of the hair; sometimes it may be softer than the rest of his coat but never feels like cotton or other fabrics that can become tangled on its own.

How To Help Get A Handle On Your French Bulldog Shedding

Here are some ways to help reduce the amount of shedding your dog experiences. 

Groom Him Once A Week: A healthy dog sheds their coat once every three to six weeks and their fur simply gets lighter over time. That’s normal and that’s why you should always have your dog groomed Once A Week so that they can shed as they should. 

You don’t want to keep grooming them and expecting their hair to only get lighter, it will actually take a toll on their skin and their coat. Just because your Furbaby has short hair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to keep them clean and comfortable throughout the year, so brush him at least once a week. 

Bathe Him Once A Month With Sensitive Products: Bathe him once a month with a gentle dog shampoo that has petting-soft dirt and oil free ingredients. Sensitive products are perfect for a Furbaby as they are not harsh to the skin and aren’t going to dry him out. Do not wash his face as this can cause dry skin and make shedding more difficult. 

Keep An Eye On The Amounts: Most importantly, don’t over crate your dog or be too rough with him when walking him. These two things cause more shedding than anything else. Also, keep an eye on the amount of clean-up thrown outside and the amount of hair at the end of the day. 

If you notice that he is shedding excessively, you can quickly reduce his grooming schedule before he gets too irritated. “It is best to prevent shedding by trimming the coat every few weeks, using a “bristle brush”, and bathing regularly. Brushing should be gentle, and not occur more than once every two or three weeks.” -“Dog’s World Magazine” 

Do French Bulldogs Shed? – Healthy Shedding And Unhealthy Shedding

Frenchies do shed, but their natural shedding is not as noticeable as other breeds. Their hair is soft and downy and they have what is called a “hairless” coat. This means that they don’t really shed as much as other breeds, but you still need to brush them regularly. It’s pretty easy to tell if a Furbaby is being a good boy or girl when you look into their eyes. If you see that they are sad and generally unhappy, it’s likely because they are missing their favorite human. 

Causes Of Unhealthy Shedding In Frenchies

The following are the most common causes of unhealthy shedding in Frenchies.

  1. Eating A Poor Diet

Many Frenchies, especially young ones, can have a sensitive stomach and they are prone to vomiting or diarrhea. When this happens, they may throw up hair or diarrhea. This can cause an unhealthy amount of shedding that can’t be easily fixed. The best way to prevent such problems is to provide good quality dog food for the puppy’s age and weight. 

  1. Increased Anxiety

If your dog has a lot of stress in his life, he will be more likely to shed excessively because his body is not naturally designed to cope with the amount of stress that he may be going through. This can lead to more shedding, but it also causes him a lot of anxiety. 

  1. Allergies

If your Frenchies is allergic to something, he may experience more shedding because he is using his skin as a way to fight the allergy. 

  1. A Change In The Home Or Family Status

If you have a family of dogs, your French bulldog will most likely react to the change by becoming more anxious. This anxiety can lead to an unhealthy amount of shedding. 

How To Prevent Unhealthy Shedding

There are several things that you can do in order to prevent unhealthy shedding in your dog. 

  1. Frenchies should be brushed daily, especially if they are an adult or a puppy. Brushing the coat helps maintain the dog’s overall health and it removes dead hair from the skin. This is important because if dogs do not have enough circulation, their bodies may start to throw off fur because they don’t have a good way to defend themselves against infection. 
  1. Bathing is key when you want to get rid of dead hairs and keep your dog’s skin healthy and clean. It also keeps their grooms tidy and healthy due to decreased shedding that has happened over time. When your pet has been bathed and disinfected, he will be groomed regularly because he will not feel as much of a need to shake off his natural coat and that will prevent him from losing more hair than he needs.
  1.  Grooming is another way to prevent unhealthy shedding in Frenchies, because this will give them a good chance at maintaining their natural coat. The French Bulldog’s coat has a habit of growing in all different directions and this can cause them to shed a lot of hair, especially when they are adults.

Help Your Frenchie To Be At His Best

French Bulldogs are outgoing, intelligent dogs, but they do tend to be a little bit aggressive when they are in the wrong environment. This is because they tend to be protective of the people that they love and want to help, so you should always make sure that you care for them and protect them from anything that can cause harm. In addition to the above, always be sure to take your French Bulldog for lots of walks, as this will help them stay healthy and happy.


Shedding is a part of life for a dog, but it can be especially frustrating for some pet parents.The French bulldog is a very energetic dog that loves to play and learn almost as much as it loves to nap. 

They are very loyal to their families and they are very easy to train. Frenchies, like all other dogs, have their health issues and should be taken care of properly so that they don’t go on with diseases.i hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions feel free to comment below. I’d be happy to help you out! Thank you and have a good day!

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