Do Belgian Malinois Like To Cuddle?

Every dog can be trained to be loving and affectionate. But some dogs do have the innate instinct to cuddle, while others have the opposite.

The traits that are present in a Belgian Malinois can determine your decision on whether or not to train your Malinois as a cuddly dog or not. So, let’s look at some of the traits you might find in a Belgian Malinois and how these affect whether or not training your Belgian Malinois to be cuddly would be a good idea.

Do Belgian Malinois Like To Cuddle?

Many people believe that Belgium Malinois are not good cuddling dogs. Famous Dutch Malinois trainers disagree. They say that the Belgian Malinois temperament is perfect for cuddling dogs because a Belgian Malinois is a very people-oriented dog.

Because Belgium Malinois are very friendly and highly trainable, they make great family pets as well as therapy dogs or service dogs. This means that they have the natural inclination to be affectionate with people and animals alike.

The traits of the Belgium Malinois can show the differences between a Belgian Malinois that is trained to be a cuddly dog versus one that is not. Take note of these traits:


Belgian Malinois are very open-minded. This makes them easy to train and willing to learn new things.

High intelligence

Belinois have high intelligence. This means that they are more capable of learning tricks and commands than more stubborn dogs. This can give them the ability to be trained easily as well as their tendency to be friendly and outgoing.

Good reputation with strangers

Belgian Malinois’ reputation for being friendly should give you confidence that you’ll have no trouble training your Belgian Malinois for a cuddly dog. This can also give you confidence in your decision to train your Belgian Malinois to be a service dog.


Belgian Malinois have a highly trainable attitude, which means that they are easy to train and can pick up on commands and tricks quickly. This trait makes them good for a cuddly dog as well as being a service dog.

Do You Need To Cuddle With Your Belgian Malinois?

Before you decide if you want to train your dog to be cuddly, you need to decide if having a cuddly dog is important to you.

Some people feel that having a cuddly dog is beneficial because they provide comfort and support in stressful situations. Others feel that a cuddly dog is impractical because it can get dirty and ugly or cause accidents in the house. Therefore, when faced with this decision, whether or not training your Belgian Malinois to be a service dog is important depends on what goals you have for your pet.

If having a clean puppy free of fleas and ticks (no experience with parvovirus) will make you happier than owning a well-trained service dog who can retrieve items for its owner in an emergency situation, then maybe it is not important for you to train your Belgian Malinois as a service dog. However, there are benefits of having both: no secrets from its owner, can do tricks and fetch things on command, and being able to be around more people without worrying about disease or pests getting through its skin.

Can Children Cuddle With Belgian Malinois?

Like many other dogs, Belgian Malinois are friendly toward children and will usually enjoy being cuddled by them. However, like any other dog, Belgian Malinois should not be allowed to jump up on people when they are playing with them. This can be dangerous for children because it can cause serious injuries if your Belgian Malinois jumps up to greet them or gets its mouth or teeth into them.

Are Belgian Malinois Clingy?

Belgian Malinois are known to be very loyal dogs and know their owners. It is important to remember that Belgian Malinois are extremely faithful and possess high levels of intelligence. This means that they will be very clingy to their owners and will guard them closely, particularly if they feel threatened in any way.

Since Belgian Malinois are very loyal and friendly, they will be protective of their owners. In other words, your Belgian Malinois will be loyal to you until it is in the best interest for itself to not follow your orders or when you threaten it.

Why Do Trained Belgian Malinois Need Cuddling?

Like most dogs, Belgian Malinois will enjoy being cuddled. In fact, many people find that cuddling with a dog makes them feel happier. However, it is important to remember that your Belgian Malinois will be more enthusiastic about cuddling if it is confident in your protection and if you have a strong bond with it.

It is important to remember that all dogs are very different, and there is no sure way to determine if your Belgian Malinois will be clingy or not. However, with proper training, socialization and environment manipulation, your Belgian Malinois will grow up to become the loyal pet you desire it to be.

Are Belgian Malinois Affectionate?

Belgian Malinois are noted for being very affectionate and loyal dogs, but like any other dog, they need to be properly socialized and trained so that they grow to become loyal pets. Otherwise, your Belgian Malinois will not only stay with you even if it does not get along with you, but it will also be mischievous enough to harm humans and other animals in your house.

Also, as Belgian Malinois become more friendly toward their human caretakers, they will grow to become very affectionate toward them. Of course, if you have an overly-protective Belgian Malinois, it may become clingy. However, it is important to remember that the Belgian Malinois will view its human caretaker as the pack leader and will follow its commands except those that may hurt or endanger its owner or family.

How To Comfort A Clingy Belgian Malinois?

If you have a clingy Belgian Malinois, there is a good chance that this dog gets a bit clingy if it does not have enough socialization or training. However, it is very important to remember that this type of dog does not grow out of it; on the contrary, some Belgian Malinois will even become more clingy as they grow older. It is also important to remember that this trait only develops in dogs which are very friendly to their caretakers and are not groomed properly.

The best way to stop your Belgian Malinois from being clingy is to avoid any sources of stress. This means that you should do everything possible so as to make sure that your Belgian Malinois is properly socialized and never attacked by other animals or humans in its house. After all, stress can cause aggressive behavior or any other unruly behavior toward other animals in the household especially dogs.

Final Words

Belgian Malinois, much like other dog breeds, have their good and bad sides. However, it is important to bear in mind that having a clingy Belgian Malinois does not mean that you should get rid of the dog for no reason. After all, most Belgian Malinois are known for being very loyal to their owners compared to other breeds of dogs.

On this note, we hope that you might have gained some insight on how to handle and train your clingy Belgian Malinois. If you still have any questions or concerns and would like help with this or any dogs-related problems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing us. We will be very happy to help you out!

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