Australian Shepherd Fur Grooming Lessons

Have you ever wondered why your Australian Shepherd has so much fur? Well, you have a lot to learn about the Coat of your Aussie Shepherd. Unless you take the time to learn all, there is to know about the fur that covers his body. Then it’s not going to be as effective as it can be. The Australian Shepherd has been sought after by many people looking for a loyal and smart dog. The Coat is partially responsible for its attractive appeal and natural ability to keep itself warm in winter and cool during hot days.

In this article, we’ll talk about the fur of your Australian Shepherd. We’ll also discuss when to groom your Aussie and whether you should shave off the fur on his body.


Understanding the Australian Shepherd’s Coat

You’ll see some differences in the Coat of your Aussie. Let’s explore the Coat a little bit. You’ll find that some parts of the dog’s Coat are dense, and others have thinner fur. These sections determine what happens on a seasonal basis. For example, his fur has more undercoat during the cold winter months. You’ll also find that there are times when you need to supplement your dog’s fur.

We’ve listed the different parts of the Australian Shepherd’s Coat below:


This type of hair is found right under the outer layer of hair on your Aussie Shepherd. The undercoat layer helps reduce heat loss during winter by insulating your furry friend against harsh weather. Its function is to keep your dog warm and dry at all times.


 The outer layer of skin, also known as guard hair. The guard hairs offer a protective layer against the elements in dry climates and keep your dog highly groomed. The fur is soft and warm, but you’ll sometimes find it dull on some of your Aussie Shepherd’s body parts.

Long Coat: 

This type of Coat can be found only in some breeds of Aussies. You may have noticed that your Aussie has a longer coat than other breeds when they shed off their fur to keep cool during summer.

Short Coat:

this type of Coat is short and very gentle in texture and found only on some breeds, such as Australian shepherds, Beagles, etc. These breeds have shorter coats, so they are easier to groom manually, especially if their undercoat has been removed or touched up by professionals.

What the heck is “Coat Blow?”

Coat Blow is a term used to describe the sound of a dog’s tail being hit by the wind. This can happen on hot days when their Coat is shed. It’s usually an annoying sound you don’t want to hear when cleaning or grooming them. It can also signify something wrong with your dog’s health, such as skin irritation or hairballs.

Many people brush their Aussies, making them lose their undercoats, making it very easy for them to get even more Coats. Blow and cause more damage to their skin as they lose even more natural guard hairs when they are shedding.

Australian Shepherd Grooming

Aussies need a much better diet than other breeds. They are known to eat anything from chocolate balls, rawhide, and other similar treats, to turkey and ham bones. This can make for a very sticky coat. So it is important to keep their coats hydrated. This is done by making their coats squeaky clean and properly brushed. They are unlike other breeds, where regular brushing doesn’t do much.

Aussies need a good brushing at least three times per week to look great and feel great too! Some people don’t see the need to groom their Aussie as they believe brushing will make them dry out faster, but this promotes even more matting as the topcoat may stay wet while the undercoat dries out.

Do Australian Shepherds Need Grooming?

Like most dogs, Australian Shepherds can get messy and require regular grooming to stay healthy. They are not as high maintenance as many other dog breeds because their coats are so thick. Because of this, it doesn’t take long for them to get their Coat in top condition once it has been brushed a few times. When you groom your Aussie, make sure that you brush its entire body.

Avoid the “belly and tail” areas, as they are prone to matting. If you are grooming a male, trim around their genital area and cut loose hairs that have sprung up around their face and eyes. Do this carefully to avoid injuring the Aussie’s skin.

What Type of Fur Do Australian Shepherds Have?

The Australian Shepherd has a double coat. The outer layer is shiny and smooth, while the undercoat is soft, woolly, and straight. The hair on the top of their head is slightly longer than on the rest of their body. The outer Coat of an Australian Shepherd grows very slowly.

If you leave your Aussie’s fur unbrushed for an extended period, the topcoat will begin to grow back in, which can lead to shedding.

Should I Cut My Australian Shepherd Fur in the Summer?

It is best to have your Aussie’s fur trimmed in the winter and spring. The summer months are when the Coat may be at its thickest, so it will take longer for you to get through the summer without having to go through a shedding phase. Brushing Australian Shepherds in the summer can cause your dog discomfort.

If you decide to leave your Aussie’s fur unbrushed for a period, ensure it is thoroughly dry before brushing it again. As a bonus, you will find that your Aussie will start out looking much nicer during those cold and rainy winter months, as they will be less matted and their coats will look sleeker.

How Often Should I Brush My Australian Shepherd?

How often you brush your Aussie depends on how much they shed, how long their fur is, and how frequently they should be brushed. If you doubt how often to brush your Aussie, your best bet is to ask a professional groomer like PetSmart or groom your Aussie at home with a brush or comb.

You can also take matters into your own hands, check the shedding schedule that has been provided with their food, and prepare them for those shedding periods.

Why Shouldn’t You Shave an Australian Shepherd’s fur?

Shaving your Aussie’s fur is not necessary. Most Australian Shepherds are naturally covered in hair, which is why they shed so much. There are two main reasons you should avoid shaving an Australian Shepherd: It tends to irritate its skin, which might cause it to get sores. The other reason is that you may end up cutting their fur incorrectly and making them even more uncomfortable than they already are.

How long does Australian Shepherd fur Take To Regrow?

This is one of the biggest concerns people have about shaves. Most breeders recommend that you keep grooming your Australian Shepherd regularly. Depending on its thickness, it might take a few days to grow back after it comes out. The good thing is that you can use a comb to comb out the fur or even a brush if you prefer. This will make it easier to find and remove loose hairs that may have come through the shear cut.

How to Trim Your Australian Shepherd’s Fur?

When you trim your Australian Shepherd’s fur, ensure you know the correct way to do so.

1. Trimming the Body

Begin by clipping the longest hair in the back and then the sides. Next, you clip your dog’s fur from its neck to its butt, chest, and legs down to its feet. This helps them look clean and neat when they wear collars. Next, you can trim the rest of the fur around their body. When you finish this part, they will look stylish and untangled.

2. Trimming the Ear Fur

When you’ve trimmed all the fur from the dog’s head, it is time to tackle its ears. This includes some shorter fur in the ear and long thick hair around the ear. Owners always groom these for a cleaner appearance. So you must trim this part of your dog’s fur as well.

3. The Nails

When grooming your Australian Shepherd, remember to check its nails too! Try to clip them right after they break through the skin so they stay below the skin and don’t grow back too long. You can play around with nail clippers to give a precise cut or use a special product that makes manicuring easier. You must also find an efficient product for manicuring these long nails so that it doesn’t hurt your dog when you trim his nails!

4. Trimming the Fur at your Aussie’s Feet

There will be lots of fur on your Aussie’s feet and toes. You must be careful while trimming them. When you are done, your dog’s paws will look like he just walked in from a walk in the rain, and he’ll be ready to go outside with you!


Grooming and maintaining your Aussie is important in pet care, especially if you have a toy breed like this. Even though your Australian Shepherd is a very friendly dog, he can also be very meticulous! So it’s best to give him a good brushing once this is done every week or a few weeks to keep his Coat in great shape and shiny.

This way, you will have the best-looking dog in this world, one that’s healthy and able to live a long life. I hope you like the article. If you have any questions about Aussie dog grooming, please comment below.

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