Are French Bulldogs Smart?

Do you want to own a puppy that is trainable and wonderful? If you said yes, then the name of this breed may be ringing in your ears. The French Bulldog is a high-energy dog that loves to run around, play and is always happy. 

There are several traits of Frenchies that make them suitable for your family. Unlike other bulldogs, this dog has a short coat and its coat is easy to groom. It is very easy to take care of as it doesn’t shed much and gets along with other dogs, cats and even people in the family.

The French Bulldog can be trained easily as they love to learn new things at an early age and enjoy learning new tricks at the same time.

Frenchies are affectionate dogs that can get along well with other pets, kids and even strangers. They are not aggressive towards people or other animals in their presence but rather get along well with them unless provoked or threatened by them.

A Dog’s Intelligence

Dogs are considered by many to be intelligent creatures. They learn and remember what they see, they play games and they even solve puzzles. While the dog is learning rules and games, suggestions, or commands it is also learning things about humans and other dogs. 

Instinctive intelligence: It is a form of learning that enables dogs to discern what is edible and what is not, it allows them to smell food and spot predators or other dangers, and to survive. 

Working and obedience intelligence: These are the intelligence that enables dogs to perform household tasks and obedience commands. Learning these tasks can make your dog feel happier and less annoyed at home. Dogs listen to their owners, enjoy playing games with them, and love spending time hanging out with them. 

Adaptive intelligence: This is a form of learning and memory that makes dogs respond to the world around them. They learn to understand their role in the family, become more confident and are able to work with the other members of the family.

French Bulldogs Instinctive Intelligence

Bulldog’s instinctive intelligence is defined as the “ability to learn and understand pertinent information, react appropriately to environmental stimuli, and perform a learned behavior or action.”The French Bulldog has a keen sense of smell and can detect different scents that are out of the ordinary such as foods or strangers. 

This ability makes them excellent guard dogs. They have different senses to locate humans and can pick up negative thoughts from their owners. If you have trained your French Bulldog well, you will know when it sees something it does not like like another dog or person. 

French Bulldogs Adaptive Intelligence

Their adaptability makes them easy to train. They respond well to commands and are not easily distracted. They are so friendly that most dogs consider them their friend and will be happy to see you when you return home. They have a great sense of humor and can make your day when you see them or even when you do not see them. 

French Bulldogs Working And Obedience Intelligence

This includes the ability to train and perform commands. This intelligence can make your dog aware of what is going on around them and makes them obedient. A well-trained French Bulldog will have a good understanding of body language, understand his owner’s signals and can recognize the hand signals so you can communicate with him.

Evidence Of French Bulldogs Smartness And Intelligence

French Bulldogs are said to be the smartest of the Bulldogs. Their personality and intelligence makes them a pleasure to have in the home and they can be an excellent companion. 

You can spoil them and they will still be good friends. They are great guard dogs and understand that their owner is the boss. 

Frenchies Bark Only When It’s Necessary. 

French Bulldogs are known to bark only when they are necessary.They know that it is not necessary to bark at every sound they hear. They will growl and snarl at intruders and only when they feel the need to act aggressively.

French Bulldogs Have Advanced Communication Skills

They are intelligent dogs and they understand human gestures. They are good with children and socialize well with other dogs and different people.Bulldogs need to be trained so that you can easily teach them commands like sit, stay, come and off.French Bulldogs have high intelligence but if you train them too early, they might end up being aggressive when it is time for training. 

Only when your dog understands the commands you taught him will he stop barking at you. 

French Bulldogs Are Good With Children

French Bulldogs are great with kids. They are playful and can make a child’s day when you see him or even when you do not see him. French Bulldogs understand commands and they will listen to you even if they do not understand them.French Bulldogs Are Very Friendly with Other Dogs. The friendly association between the two dogs is always warm. They are usually good with other dogs but sometimes dog aggression is exhibited by them. 

French Bulldogs Are Trainable

French Bulldogs are very easy to train. If you want to, you can train your dog to be obedient. They respond well and learn fast. French Bulldogs are easy to train and they understand what you want them to do. They are obedient and smart dogs.

French Bulldogs Perform Challenging Tasks

French Bulldogs are friendly and they learn fast. They have a tendency to be challenging. 

They perform tasks that they have not been trained in. French Bulldogs perform tasks that they have not been trained in and it is best to go through with your educational process only after you introduce them to those tasks.

French Bulldogs Learn In Unconventional Ways

French Bulldogs learn in an unconventional way. However, they are not that difficult to train and they respond well to commands. French Bulldogs learn in a different way than many other kinds of dogs but the benefits of training them are very evident.

French Bulldogs Are Easy to Take For a Walk

French Bulldogs do not have any problems when it is time to go out and they will be very obedient while they are on a walk.French Bulldogs do not have any problems while on a walk. They are easy to take out and they adapt well to new environments.


There are many different kinds of dogs but French Bulldogs are among the best. French Bulldogs are Smart, Responsive, and Loyal. They are easy to train and they are Loyal to their owners. 

French Bulldogs are very clean and they take care of everything around them. They will be good with your kids because they love children. French Bulldogs get along with other dogs without the need of being aggressive. I hope you like my article. If you have any questions about French Bulldogs, feel free to comment down below. 

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