Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Have you ever seen a French Bulldog puppy in action? They are always so gentle, happy, and ready to please. For some people it is hard to imagine how one breed of dog can be so gentle with children, but once you get past the stereotype you realize how much these pups love children and how they play so well with them. 

French Bulldog puppies are typically born with an extremely gentle disposition. If a child should come into your house and sit on the floor in front of your Frenchie puppy, he or she will most likely be noticed. You might even find yourself having to convince the child that your Frenchie is not aggressive. 

They also have the best set of ears and a soft black nose. Your child will be safe with a French Bulldog, which is so different from other breeds that tend to be more aggressive and barker. The French Bulldog is gentle and loving, they are not going to hurt your kid nor is he even going to want to!

French Bulldogs are basically shaped like a small dog. They just happen to have the ability to look menacing when they feel threatened or if someone has hurt their family members; this is an instinct that modern day Frenchie owners have suppressed through training, but it does sometimes peek out from time to time when you least expect it. 

As far as personality goes, the most important thing for you and your kids will be whether your Frenchie likes kids or not. If he doesn’t like or can’t handle children at all then he’s probably not going to be the best playmate for your kids. He can also get older faster than most dogs, so you’ll have to be aware of this and make sure he gets enough exercise. Be prepared, however, because Frenchie’s are typically very good at keeping their weight in check and they can be mid-sized dogs.

Are French Bulldogs Safe With Kids?

Yes, Frenchie’s are usually safe with children. They’re very gentle and sweet, and most definitely NOT going to hurt your kids in any way. If a trainer has trained your dog well, you’ll know he’s not going to be aggressive toward a child. 

I personally know someone who has a Frenchie puppy that gets along great with their kids. The owner’s son had such a great time playing with the Frenchie, he didn’t want to go home. I know it’s hard to believe that a dog could be so sweet and gentle, but this is the only Frenchie that I’ve heard of in this situation.

“Train” Your Baby And Child On How To Interact With Your New Pooch

French Bulldogs are great with kids. They are very cute, cuddly, sweet and gentle with children, but even though the dog will be more than happy to play with them, they will need a gentle introduction. The French Bulldog owner should never rush the process. 

He should talk to his social worker or other professionals about organizing a playdate for the children and Frenchie together. If the dog can handle it, great. If not, this is good to know ahead of time and you can decide then if it’s worth the time and effort.

Give Them Time Together To Bond And Socialize

After a little bit of time, the Frenchie will have no problem with your child at all. It might take a few days, or even a week or two, but the Frenchie will be totally fine. I know someone who had an accident with their dog and had to take it to the vet. 

The vet asked them if they could get another dog in the family that would better match up with their son, since they were so rough on him and had done some damage to his body. The father said no because he didn’t want to go through all of that again and he wasn’t willing to break up his family just yet, so he waited until his baby was adjusted to having a Frenchie around and then decided it was time for him to have one as well.

Curb Any “Bad” Behavior Quickly

The Frenchie’s bad behavior can be caused by anything that scares him or gives him a negative experience. Sometimes their bad behavior is a result of their owner being too rough with them and or not being gentle enough. This is something you should discuss with the trainer right away so you can take steps to address the problem sooner rather than later. 

When you have children, make sure the dog has a lot of time to play with them and get familiar with them first. Be prepared for your dog to be intimidated by the children and do everything he can to avoid them at all costs. Don’t force your dog to interact with kids unless he wants to. 

Are French Bulldogs A Good Fit For A Family With Kids?

French Bulldog parenting is not for everyone. You had better be prepared to walk your dog for a number of hours every day and be willing to take him on long hikes in the woods. It’s not an easy task to handle. But if you are up for it, then the French Bulldog will live up to his reputation as a great family pet. Besides, all you have to do is worry about him only when you’re at home. He’ll be fine.

  1. They Require Little Exercise

French Bulldogs are not athletic dogs by any means, but they still need to exercise regularly. They get enough exercise on their own with their daily walks. The only time you need to worry about the amount of exercise your Frenchie gets is when you first get them and then when you stop using a trolley to transport them. Then the Frenchie needs to get some more exercise with you so he doesn’t turn into a couch potato.

  1. They’re Patient And Calm

French Bulldogs are not one of those dogs that would run at the first sign of trouble. They tend to be calm and patient. They are not extremely affectionate dogs, but they will give you lots of love if you show them love in return. But this is a dog that would probably make a great pet for people who have problems with anxiety or who suffer from joint pain. 

The French Bulldog is known as a gentle giant and is considered to be the most cuddly dog in the world. The Frenchie can also lay around all day, especially if he has an old person looking after him!

  1. They Can Be Great Guardians

French Bulldogs are not aggressive dogs. They will neither jump on you or anybody else, nor would they try to attack other dogs or wolves. But if threatened, the Frenchie will bark and may growl, but these are merely warning shots to let you know he is not happy about what’s going on. 

A Frenchie can be great for older people who have a hard time getting around because of arthritis or injuries. They’re very good company and can be a great pet for single people who don’t want to deal with any extra responsibilities.

  1. Kids Help Ease Separation Anxiety In Frenchies

The French Bulldog is not one of those dogs who has separation anxiety. They don’t bark when you leave them alone. They can even be happy when they’re left alone and would not miss you if you were gone for an entire day. 

Their level of happiness when you are away can range from calm to angry, but the Frenchie is a dog that could get along with almost anybody. They are very friendly towards kids and seem to be a very good fit with children. The Frenchie is also very good with other pets in the family, as long as they are people-friendly and have no aggression issues either.

  1. They Are Very Loyal

French Bulldogs are not only great watchdogs, but they really know how to protect their owners. When you are away, you can leave the Frenchie in a room with nothing but some toys and food and he would be perfectly happy the entire time. 

The Frenchie is so loyal that sometimes they will bark at guests or even strangers just because they want to be sure they are not intruders. But if an intruder really does come in, the Frenchie will chase them out or bark as loud as necessary to let you know something is up. 

They even know how to tell when their owner is having a bad day, and will do their small barky thing to let you know something is bothering you.

French Bulldogs And Kids Make The Best Duo!

The Frenchie is an outgoing, playful and happy dog. A Frenchie can be a great pet for kids because he can be social and well-behaved around them. He really enjoys playing with children and will bring them toys or sticks for them to play with. 

This makes him an ideal dog for kids because of their high energy levels. The Frenchie is one of those dogs that would not only be a good companion, but also a great playmate!

  • Frenchies + Kids = Fun!

Frenchies and kids go together like peanut butter & jelly! They will be fast friends because of their similar personalities. The Frenchie loves attention, he would love to play with your kids and they would both love to be included in family activities. As long as the Frenchie is not too high maintenance, you and the kids will probably have a blast for years with this dog!

  • Frenchies Are Great Educational Resources

Frenchies are very intelligent; they even have a special lobe in the brain that is devoted to memory. They have excellent memory, and as such they are great training aids. This dog is also very playful so if you have some little kids at home, they will both have a great time. 

Frenchies are always great to have around the house because they will help you with anything from cleaning the house, having their ears cleaned, or even taking care of your plants.

  • Training Is Great On Both Sides

It is not unusual to see a French bulldog in the obedience ring. The Frenchie is a very intelligent little dog and can learn new things very quickly. With a little practice, you can teach him how to play fetch or to retrieve a ball for you. 

This also works for tricks like sit, stay and shake. Frenchies are great at obeying commands, so you can use that to your advantage to train them.

French Bulldogs Are Great Guardians And Protectors

This dog is incredibly loyal to his family and will act very protectively. Dogs often see things that no human would, so they are good at noticing when there is a threat to their owners. This little guy will take action against any threat that comes his way, so you can rest assured that he will be there to keep you safe. This makes the Frenchie a great watchdog and protector of the family. You can train him hard and he won’t even mind.

Making The Introductions

You should make the introduction between you and your Frenchie after he is a bit older. The dog will know that you are not a threat to him, as he will smell you and know that you are a friend. Because of this, the Frenchie will be okay with being around you – provided that he gets enough attention while he’s getting to know you. 

Remember you are making the introduction over a period of time, and to be careful not to scold or punish him for becoming too excited. You can practice with treats and toys to teach him how to play with you and get used to the idea of being around people.


This is a great dog for all those families who are looking for something nice and intelligent. This dog will be around for a long time; he will never get old and you can count on him to be there whenever you need him. 

You can teach him any tricks you want, so he is an excellent training tool for many things. You should make sure that he gets enough exercise every day to satisfy his body and mind, though. If not, he may become over excited and start biting people. 

Keep this little guy happy and healthy, and have fun with him as well. I hope you liked it. If you have any questions regarding French Bulldog Breed, please comment below the post.

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